Upgrade Brocade SAN Switch Firmware

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Upgrade Brocade SAN Switch Firmware


In this post will share you the process to update a Brocade Fibre Channel switch firmware.ANd it is recommended to confirm with OEM before you proceed for an upgrade of the firmware.


FTP server accessible from SAN Switch

Supported Firmware

Pre-upgrade Process

Take Complete Backup of Switch Configuration and License details

Check the current firmware version using below command


Verify the upgrade path from within the Brocade Fabric OS Upgrade Guide which you will find in the Brocade document library. If your switch is provided by any other OEM like HPE, you have to check their site as well

  • Run a Brocade supportsave
  • You can also run error clear command all existing stats
  • Check no ports are G ports
  • Check that no firmware upgrade is already in progress
  • If the switches are in a fabric run the commands below and capture the setting. Run these commands again after to ensure the fabric is healthy


  • Download the switch firmware from Brocade   or from Specific OEM Site
  • Extract the Zip file and place it on your FTP server

Upgrade the Firmware 

  • Connect to the switch with an admin account
  • Enter the command to download the firmware and follow the prompts.

You will then see the switch update begin which will take aprox 30mins.

Post Upgrade Check

After rebooting the Switch will be available to access, login to switch and run upgrade status to verify that upgrade is completed or not.


Note:- If you see message Firmware download is in progress wait for soem more time and check again





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