Configure / Modify The NTP Settings On Data Domain From CLI

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Configure / Modify The NTP Settings On Data Domain From CLI

In this post i will share you the procedure to configure or modify the NTP setting of a data domain from CLI .This procedure is very helpful for below scenarios

  • While Initial Configuration updated wrong time zone
  • Any NTP sync error on the Data Domain
  • Modify the NTP server

First we have to verify the NTP  configuration on the data domain .

Login to the data domain with admin privileges and check the NTP configuration by running below commands

# ntp show config                          –   To check the NTP Configuration .

# ntp status                                      –   To check the NTP Daemon status .

There might be Chance to show out put like below so we have to reconfigure / modify  the NTP services

Error 1

Status                                                  Enabled
Current Clock Time                         MM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY
Clock Last Synchronized                Unknown
Clock Last Synchronized With Time Server   Unknown
 Error 2

**** NTP daemon is not running.

# system show date                                          – To Check the current time in DD

# config show timezone                                 –  To check the current Timezone name 

How to Reset Time Zone

# config set timezone “Time Zone “

example  # config set timezone Asia/Dubai

Yo Check the Details of The time Zone Download Data Domain Admin Guide and View Page 41 49

How to Add NTP Server to Data Domain

# ntp disable

# ntp add timeserver <time server list>

For example: # ntp add timeserver

# ntp enable

How to Set Time Manually if  there is a Mismatch between NTP server and Data Domain

# ntp disable

# system set date <MMDDhhmmYYYY>               – Change DD time as of the NTP server:

Example to set system date/time to 0930 on 25th March 2018  the following command would be used:

# system set date 032509302018

** System date will be adjusted by xxxxxx seconds. This change can
potentially cause issues for applications running on this system.
Are you sure? (yes|no|?) [no]: yes
ok, proceeding.
Sun Mar 25 09:30:00 GMT 2018

# ntp enable

Note :- Incase the nEw Time is not  showing you may have to reboot the Data Domain  to apply the new timer

# system reboot

In case after following all the above steps the issue is not resolved or reboot is not possible at the time please contact your support provider

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